The Wood WORKS! Online Project Tracking System (OPTS) is a web enabled repository of capital projects. The purpose of the OPTS is to track, measure, and report on impact of wood use and sales in non residential construction projects. From pre-design to post-construction, the Wood WORKS! team can track the progress of prospective projects to maximize follow-up efficiency and provide partners with increased opportunity to participate and have their wood products considered and specified.

Although OPTS 2012 is based on its predecessor, this new version now incorporates many new features that will make project tracking easier and better than ever! Thanks to all WoodWORKS! and CWC staff for your input and contributions. Click here for list of credits.

Etienne Lalonde - WW National Director
Raymond Brunet – Project Manager
James Swerdfeger – Application developer and tester

Special Thank You to the following WoodWORKS! staff for all the extra help, feedback and input that made this possible:

From BC and Alberta
Bill Billups
Sukh Johal
Werner Hofstätter
Mary Tracey

From Ontario
Max Torossi
Michelle Maybe